The Two Pierrots

A witty new verse translation of Edmond Rostand’s early one-act play, by Thom Christoph, with an introduction by Sue Lloyd. 

(artwork for cover, Clare Maryan Green)


ISBN 978-0-9549043-2-6 A5 paperback, 36 pages price £4.50, post-free in the UK (acting set of four copies for £15, plus £1.50 p&p).


This lively three-hander was written by Edmond Rostand in 1889 for performance by himself and his friends in the garden of the Rostand family’s summer villa in Luchon, in the French Pyrenees. Rostand’s merry spirit and youthful optimism infuse the whole play.


The characters come from the Italian comedy: the lovely Columbine, her partner Harlequin, her father Cassander and of course the Pierrots. In Rostand’s play, he imagines that Harlequin is dead, and two Pierrots are wooing Columbine (or Colombina, as Rostand chooses to call her), one sad one and one happy one. The original title of the piece was Pierrot qui pleure et Pierrot qui rit (Weeping Pierrot and Laughing Pierrot).


As he would do in his later plays, especially Cyrano de Bergerac, Rostand expresses his own character in his two Pierrots. 



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The Two Pierrots

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